¡GRACIAS DESDE ESPAÑA! Carta enviada por Mr. Dale Ahlquist, Presidente de la American Chesterton Society

Dear Chestertonian,
Eighteen years ago, a group of passionate G.K. Chesterton fans came together and founded the American Chesterton Society. We never dreamed of what we would accomplish, creating a popular television show, publishing a great magazine, invitations to speak all over the country and the world, and leading a revival of interest in the profound and prophetic words of GKC. But of all the many activities that I have had the privilege to be involved in, I am convinced that the most important is helping to found a new independent high school. Chesterton Academy started with only ten students six years ago. Next year it will be bursting with over 150 students. And two new Chesterton Academies will be opening in Chicago and Buffalo, New York.
We have realized that the classical, integrated, Catholic curriculum that we have created is a model that be used everywhere. We have the makings of a grass roots movement to not only address our educational crisis, but our cultural crisis as well. As I said to a group of parents in Italy who have started a Chesterton Academy, “We are not trying to change education; we are trying to change the world.”
To that end we are launching the new Chesterton Schools Network initiative to support schools hungry to implement our approach to developing our children into complete thinkers. The integration of faith and reason, of the arts and the sciences, of classical literature, capped off with key writings of G.K. Chesterton, will create faithful, wholesome, dynamic young people. They will be tomorrow's leaders among both the laity and the religious life.
Whether surrounded by skyscrapers or sunny cornfields, members of the American Chesterton Society want to play a part in a movement that values faith-filled education over political indoctrination. You are committed to reversing the culture of death that has gripped our nation and is tripping over itself to undermine marriage, criminalize charity, push the boundaries of choice to include the slaughter of the unborn, and trample upon our most cherished freedom: the right to practice religion according to the dictates of our conscience.
As members of the American Chesterton Society we must play a part in standing united for the principles that protect faith, family integration, and true social reform.
How, exactly? Chesterton writes,
“If we wish to preserve the family we must revolutionize the nation.”
A revolution, Chesterton affirms, must also be “a resurrection,” an opportunity to climb out of the paralysis that is crippling our nation in this desperate time of need.
Make your membership count. Ignite the eternal revolution.
Help us establish the Chesterton Schools Network.
To start, let’s get the next generation of kids reading Chesterton. Help me place 5,000 copies of my book, The Complete Thinker, into the hands of our young college students and seminarians.
• Donate $5000 and we will make you a lifetime member. We will also give you and a guest free registration to our 2014 conference, plus a signed first edition of my forthcoming title, All Roads, when it is released.
• Donate $1000 and become a lifetime member of the American Chesterton Society. You will also receive a signed copy of The Complete Thinker.
• Donate $500 and you will receive one signed copy of In Defense of Sanity: The Best Essays of G.K. Chesterton.
Chesterton says that Education is simply truth in the state of transmission. Donate today and help us pass the truth to the next generation.
God bless you and God bless the American Chesterton Society.
Your servant,

Dale Ahlquist
American Chesterton Society